We did it. We completed our first Unreal Engine 4 “ReJam”. The theme was “The Sky Is The Limit”. If you missed my initial thread about the start of this “ReJam” check it out: This was the first game we made in Unreal Engine. You can play the game, Ninja Ascension, here: A […]

Micheal Riemer

Recently Kyle and I decided to get really serious about making games. I am not talking about quitting our day jobs as software engineers, but making a serious run at it. After all, we know how to make software that companies rely on day after day. We have both made games in the past. I […]

Micheal Riemer

Welcome to Deep Space Games, we are a small col-lab of developers bent on changing the game-scape. We focus on simple, fast, and fun game-play. We are huge strategy buffs and believe that the challenge in gaming should come from both reaction time and critical thinking. We want our games to be engaging as well as make you […]

Kyle Gundersen